Past Events

may 2019

5may2:30 pmMahler 8: Symphony of a ThousandMater Gloriosa

4may2:30 pmMahler 8: Symphony of a ThousandMater Gloriosa

3may7:30 pmMahler 8: Symphony of a ThousandMater Gloriosa

april 2019

7apr2:00 pm- 5:00 pmRising Stars of Ryan Opera CenterSoloist

february 2019

22feb7:00 pmElektraTrainbearer

18feb7:00 pmElektraTrainbearer

14feb7:00 pmElektraTrainbearer

10feb2:00 pmElektraTrainbearer

6feb2:00 pmElektraTrainbearer

2feb7:30 pmElektraTrainbearer

january 2019

27jan2:00 pmReverie: An Afternoon of French MusicSoloist

20jan2:00 pmCendrillonNoémie

17jan7:00 pmCendrillonNoémie

11jan7:00 pmCendrillonNoémie

december 2018

8dec7:30 pmCendrillonNoémie

5dec2:30 pmCendrillonNoémie

1dec7:30 pmCendrillonNoémie

september 2018

8sep8:00 pmPhiladelphia Orchestra at Penn's LandingSoloist

august 2018

11aug7:00 pmSummer Lieder LoungeRecital

may 2018

26may7:00 pmCandideCunégonde

24may7:30 pmCandideCunégonde

22may7:30 pmCandideCunégonde

20may12:00 pmCandideCunégonde

18may7:30 pmCandideCunégonde

14may7:00 pmCandideCunégonde

12may7:00 pmCandideCunégonde

9may7:30 pmCandideCunégonde

5may7:00 pmCandideCunégonde