The captivating and mesmerizing voice of American soprano Emily Pogorelc takes center stage in the critically acclaimed Sturm und Drang Volume 3 CD, recorded with the esteemed ensemble, The Mozartists. This musical masterpiece has been met with effusive praise from esteemed reviewers, solidifying Emily Pogorelc’s status as a rising star in the world of classical opera.

Malcolm Hayes of BBC Music noted, “The stand-out feature here is the sensational contribution of American soprano Emily Pogorelc, who is rapidly becoming a star on the European operatic scene. Her singing here has superb technical sureness, state-of-the-art command of the music’s wild emotional switchbacks, and firework-display virtuosity to match. While the Schweitzer extract amounts to little beyond expertly written melodrama, Pogorelc delivers it at full value. The far finer expressive range and sensibility of Paisiello’s idiom reveals her as an artist of much soul as well as brilliance.”

Carme Miró of Sonograma Review remarked, “One of the rarities of this repertoire is the aria ‘Er ist gekommen… Zwischen Angst und zwischen Hoffen’ (‘He has come… Between fear and hope’) from Schweitzer’s opera Alceste, with a stellar performance by American soprano Emily Pogorelc, associate artist of The Mozartists and member of the ensemble of the Bayerische Staatsoper. His musical brilliance adds to this constellation of geniuses. In the interpretation of ‘Empî, fermate, olà… Smarrita, tremant’ (‘Ungodly, stop, now… Creepy, Trembling’), aria from Paisiello’s Annibale in Torino, Pogorelc fascinates the listener with exquisite but brief arioso, before reaching the stormy G minor tonality. In this recording, Pogorelc gives an enchanting performance.”

Gerald Fenech of also sang praises for the CD, saying, “The vocal pieces sung by American soprano Emily Pogorelc are dispatched with scintillating virtuosity and sparkling élan. This is a disc that will give much pleasure to many in general, and especially to those interested in discovering more about this period of transition between the baroque and classical eras. I unreservedly recommend not only this issue but the whole cycle.”

The Mozartists, led by conductor Ian Page, are leading experts in Mozart and his contemporaries’ music. Founded in 1997 as Classical Opera, this acclaimed company is renowned for its period-instrument orchestra’s style and virtuosity, imaginative programming, and talent development. They frequently perform at prestigious UK venues and tour internationally. The Mozartists excel in both classic and lesser-known works, with staged Mozart opera productions and UK premieres of composers like Gluck, Telemann, Jommelli, Haydn, and Hasse. Their groundbreaking MOZART 250 project, launched in 2015, explores Mozart’s life and influences through 250th-anniversary performances. Their studio recordings, including the ongoing complete Mozart opera cycle and ‘Sturm und Drang’ series, have received critical acclaim. Under Ian Page’s leadership, The Mozartists continue to shine in the classical music world. In 2023, Emily became an associate artist with the company, cementing their working relationship together in projects.

Sturm und Drang Volume 3 showcases Emily Pogorelc’s exceptional talent and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on both audiences and critics alike.

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