Reviews: A Triumph for Die Zauberflöte at Bayerische Staatsoper- Emily Pogorelc Shines as Pamina

In a magical celebration of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, the enchanting performance under the musical direction of Lothar Koenigs left audiences captivated during the December 2023 run, especially with the radiant portrayal of Pamina by Emily Pogorelc.

Pogorelc’s Pamina emerged as the standout voice, navigating the tumultuous sea of emotions with a soprano that effortlessly blended secure highs and warm lyricism. The performances, spread across five shows around Christmas, delighted not only seasoned opera enthusiasts but also families and children, underscoring the importance of introducing the young to the world of opera.

One review, by Oliver Bernhardt of, praised “Emily Pogorelc stands out among the voices as Pamina, experiencing the violent rollercoaster of emotions with a lyrically warm soprano voice that shines at the top. Ben Bliss plays Tamino with not only exemplary princely but also vocally steadfast bearing….This leads to the not-too-frequent constellation of a duet between the two lovers on truly vocally high-quality eye level”.

Gabriele Luster from OVB Heimatzeitungen highlighted Pogorelc’s charm and shimmering soprano, emphasizing her delicate intimacy during the poignant “Ach, ich fühl’s.”

The acclaim continued with Luc-Henri Roger of Résonances Lyriques, describing Pogorelc as “the true queen of the evening: her uncommonly confident stage presence, proud bearing, enchanting charisma, virtuoso technical mastery, beauty of timbre, warmth of the perfectly projected voice, perfection of articulation, power and volume, ease of high notes and beautiful depths, all make her a marvelous Pamina, sensitive and luminous”.

In sum, Die Zauberflöte at Bayerische Staatsoper, with Emily Pogorelc as Pamina, not only met but exceeded expectations, creating an unforgettable experience for all who had the pleasure of witnessing this magical production.